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These are the picture of our sailboat "Storm". Unfortunatly, by the time this webpage will be available, we've sold the boat with hopes for a bigger one in a year or two.
This 1970, Columbia 26 MKII has given us many great moments when we sailed her in Long Island Sound and Lower New York Harbor. We have made a lot of repairs ad  improvemnts to her during the last 4 years and were very proud to receive many complements on her appearance. We're also proud that she was in much better codition when we sold her, than when we bought her. Here are some of the pictures we took of her or while on board. 


She's 26' long, 8'6" at the beam and has a 9.9 hp motor. Deep keel weights nearly a third of her 6,000 lb displacement and provides a safe and confortable ride.

Port Side
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Starboard Side
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