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Welcome to our web site!
This web site was created so we can share our pictures with our friends and relatives. We've even included a list of our favorite links to other sites. This site will be updated regulary so please click on a link above if you wish to be notified when updates are posted.
Thanks for visiting and enjoy !
This update is dedicated mostly to our graduates - Olya and Joe. Also there are a new pictures of Alex and Olya's new house after the renovations.Check out the "New Photos" section for all new pictures.
Use the Navigation Bar at the top part of the screen to go directly to specific page or use the hyperlinks in the text.
09/02 - A new version of the web site has been published !
10/02 - New photos are added to Family Photo Album and Friends pages.
11/02 - A short video from Alex & Olya's last year trip to England and Driving Directions to parent's house are added on Family Estate page
11/02 - New photos following a gathering at parent's house. Lots of baby pictures
04/03 - Joe & Julie's Wedding photos, Alex & Olya's new house. Pictures, directions and more ...  Plus, new sections added to the website and a slightly new look. Also, I've added a new sailing" video clip, so make sure you visit the "Videos" section.
6/15 - Olya and Joe's graduation photos, post renovation photos of Alex and Olya's new house. A new section "New Photos" has been added for simple and convenient way to add and view new content. New start-up screen featuring some family members, relatives and friends.
9/23 - Photos of Abigail Jean Shropshire are added
9/28 - More photos added.
New and Updated pages. Click the links below to go directly to that page.

Abigail Jean Shropshire 9/18/03

Julie, Joe and their newborn daughter Abigail Jean. 9/17/03

Expanded family 9/18/03

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